Project to Modernize Turkish F-16 Jets Launched at IDEF 2023

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  • 10:35 AM, July 26, 2023
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Project to Modernize Turkish F-16 Jets Launched at IDEF 2023
TuAF F-16C block 40

Turkey officially launched the ÖZGÜR-2 project to modernize the air force’s F-16 Block 30, 40 and 50 aircraft.

A relevant contract was signed between Turkey’s Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) and Turkish Air Force (TAI) at IDEF-23 exhibition in Istanbul.

The ÖZGÜR project aims to equip all F-16 aircraft with a unique mission computer with national avionics and national OFP software.

As part of the modernization process, the F-16 Block 30 warplanes will receive several upgrades, including the following components: a national mission computer, system interface units, cockpit upper front control panels, fuel hydraulic indicators, engine display screens, emergency indicators, national sound safety devices, national friend-foe identification (IFF) systems, multi-mode receivers, inertial navigation systems, interface blinding units, helmet integrated aiming systems, center cockpit indicator and color multifunction displays.

Furthermore, Aselsan’s MURAD AESA radar will be integrated into the F-16 platforms that have undergone the Özgür modernization after the completion of development activities.

Modernized aircraft will be equipped with the locally made Atmaca anti-ship missile and Gezgin cruise missile, enabling them to engage their targets effectively. This development signifies that the Atmaca and Gezgin missiles, typically deployed from the ground, can now be launched from aircraft.

Turkish publication reported that within the scope of F-16 Block-30 ÖZGÜR-2 Project; ASELP OD 's External Payload will be certified, AESA Nose Radar will be integrated onto Özgür Aircraft, and T Link to F-16 Block 30 ÖZGÜR Aircraft  be modernized within the scope of FEWS and Gökdoğan Integration Project Contract.

The F-16 Block 40/50 jets will get ÖZGÜR Suite and AESA radar, FEWS, T Link, IFF BSC, RNE, ASELPOD, 9681 V/UHF air radio with SOM, HGK, KGK, LGK, Gökdoğan and Bozdoğan. Integration of equipment/munitions, structural improvement engineering activities on the F-16 Block 40/50 prototype aircraft, and serial application of the final product are targeted.

Deliveries within the scope of the F -16 Blok-30 ÖZGÜR-2 Project are planned to be completed between 2025 and 2027 , and deliveries within the scope of the F-16 BLOK-40/50 ÖZGÜR-2 Project are expected to be completed within the period of 2028-2030.

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