German IRIS-T Air Defense Systems Shot Down 110 Russian Cruise Missiles, Drones in Ukraine

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  • 12:10 PM, September 6, 2023
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German IRIS-T Air Defense Systems Shot Down 110 Russian Cruise Missiles, Drones in Ukraine
IRIS-T air defense system @Ukraine MoD

German firm Diehl Defense has claimed the successful interception and elimination of 110 Russian cruise missiles and drones in Ukraine by their two IRIS-T SLM air defense systems.

Diehl Defense's Chief Program Officer, Harald Buschek, informed reporters at an air base in Todendorf, northern Germany, about the IRIS-T's accomplishment in neutralizing 110 Russian targets.

The systems have demonstrated a 100% hit rate in Kyiv. Buschek said, "The Ukrainians are absolute professionals; they have a hit rate of 100% in Kyiv," according to the German publication Speigel.

Diehl intends to increase production to eight IRIS systems annually in the near future, effectively doubling the current capacity. The production of IRIS-T SL missiles is projected to grow significantly this year, double the subsequent year, and ultimately reach a quantity of 400 to 500 units by 2024.

Additionally, Diehl mentioned that Ukraine will soon receive its third IRIS-T SLM system.

Berlin has committed to providing Kyiv with an additional six IRIS-T units, with the first of these systems anticipated to arrive in October 2024 for its air force.

Germany had previously procured 200 IRIS-T SLS air defense missiles from Sweden for transfer to Ukraine. Diehl Defense is refurbishing these Swedish missiles to replace IRIS-T SLM missiles used by Ukrainian forces in defending against Russian airstrikes.

Furthermore, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense has pledged to donate converted IRIS-T air-to-air missiles to Ukraine for use in its ground-based air defense (GBAD). The specific type of missiles was not specified, but they can be launched from launchers provided by Sweden.

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