Improved Msta-S Howitzer with Rapid-fire Capability Handed over to Russian Troops

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  • 09:06 AM, September 21, 2023
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Improved Msta-S Howitzer with Rapid-fire Capability Handed over to Russian Troops
2S19M2 Msta-S self-propelled howitzer @Rostec

Rostec has delivered the inaugural consignment of the newly enhanced self-propelled howitzers to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

This upgraded iteration of the Msta-S boasts improved tactical and technical attributes, including heightened mobility, a rapid firing rate, and versatile ammunition compatibility.

The self-propelled howitzers, designated as 2S19M2 "Msta-S," now feature a revamped automated guidance and fire control system known as ASUNO-M. This advanced system significantly enhances accuracy and enables the display of electronic maps of the operational area. ASUNO facilitates counter-fire maneuvers by autonomously determining precise coordinates and automatically calculating firing configurations from concealed positions.

The artillery piece's aiming and repositioning after each shot are now executed automatically. Furthermore, the system permits direct fire, even in challenging mountainous terrains, while concurrently reducing the howitzer's radar, thermal, and optical signatures, Rostec said in a release.

The significance of artillery in warfare remains paramount, as underscored in the North Military District zone (Ukraine war). The efficacy of military operations hinges considerably on artillery's effectiveness, prompting meticulous attention to artillery system enhancements.

Thanks to this modernization effort, the Msta-S, has expanded its capabilities significantly. It can now operate in "fire raid" mode, engaging targets simultaneously with multiple projectiles along diverse trajectories. This not only reduces the time the howitzer remains exposed in its firing position but also enables rapid evasive actions in response to potential retaliatory strikes. Additionally, the upgraded loading system mechanisms have elevated the rate of fire to an impressive 10 rounds per minute when employing transportable ammunition.

Improved Msta-S Howitzer with Rapid-fire Capability Handed over to Russian Troops

Further improvements include the integration of an autonomous power unit with air conditioning, significantly enhancing crew comfort. The driver-mechanic now benefits from an automated workstation, providing comprehensive real-time status updates on all vehicle systems.

The 2S19M2 self-propelled howitzer is equipped to neutralize and suppress artillery and mortar batteries, combat tanks, anti-tank threats, various forms of artillery and electronic weaponry, armored vehicles, command posts, air defense and missile defense systems, field defensive structures, and infantry and tank reserves.

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