Russian Servicemen Receive 1 Million Rubles Reward for Destroying Leopard Tanks

Lancet and Kornet ATGMs were used to destroy the German tanks in Ukraine
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  • 11:18 AM, November 8, 2023
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Russian Servicemen Receive 1 Million Rubles Reward for Destroying Leopard Tanks
Canada-donated Leopard 2 main battle tank for Ukraine

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has announced that Russian servicemen, operating in the Kupyansk direction, have received certificates and monetary awards for eliminating NATO’s Leopard battle tanks.

The commander of a reconnaissance group, known by the call sign "Godfather," recounted a particularly engagement. He described how his crew expertly eliminated a NATO tank using a "Lancet" Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM). He said, "The calculation worked professionally. We launched the product, located the target, successfully hit the target, resulting in the tower igniting and the ammunition inside detonating," shared the group commander "Godfather."

Another serviceman, the commander of the Kornet ATGM crew known as "Pomor," shared his story of destroying an enemy Leopard tank with a single, devastating shot. "Our mission was to prevent the enemy from advancing to our positions. As the Leopard tanks approached, I was already in position, and with one shot, I destroyed the tank. It lit up like a sparkler," recounted the squad leader "Pomor."

These exceptional achievements were officially reported by the Russian Ministry of Defense, which emphasized that servicemen in frontline positions receive multiple military state and departmental awards in recognition of their heroic efforts. Furthermore, these military heroes were honored with two certificates, each valued at an impressive 1 million rubles, as tokens of appreciation from singer Grigory Leps and TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya.

It is important to note that Grigory Leps had previously awarded 1 million rubles to a fighter with the call sign "Venom" for their contribution in damaging a Leopard tank. Moreover, the renowned producer Vladimir Kiselyov established a cash prize for the destruction of Leopard tanks during the SVO.

Russian Servicemen Receive 1 Million Rubles Reward for Destroying Leopard Tanks
Kornet-E anti-armour missile system

The Russian Ministry of Defense, through its official Telegram channel, stressed that the monetary certificates provided to the servicemen are in addition to the payments made by the Ministry of Defense of Russia for personal destruction or seizure of enemy military hardware.

The recipients of these awards were exclusively drawn from reconnaissance units within the Zapad Group of Forces, with each serviceman presented with certificates, each valued at 1 million rubles.

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