China-Pakistan to Conduct their First Joint Sea Patrol as Part of Sea Guardians-3 Exercise

Exercise will take place from November 11-17 in the waters and airspace of the northern Arabian Sea
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  • 05:04 AM, November 14, 2023
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China-Pakistan to Conduct their First Joint Sea Patrol as Part of Sea Guardians-3 Exercise
Chinese naval vessels participating in the China-Pakistan Sea Guardians-3 joint maritime exercise.

China and Pakistan have launched the Sea Guardians-3 joint maritime exercise, including their first joint sea patrol in Karachi, with reciprocal observers and Chinese participation in the exercise alongside Pakistani anti-submarine patrol aircraft.

Spanning seven days from November 11 to 17 in the waters and airspace of the northern Arabian Sea, the exercise is divided into two phases: shore-based exchanges and maritime joint operations. These operations encompass training courses on formation maneuvering, VBSS (visit, board, search and seizure), helicopter cross-deck landing, joint search and rescue, and joint anti-submarine drills.

In an official statement, China confirmed taking part in maritime patrol with Pakistan. The two sides will also send observers to each other, while the Chinese observers will participate in the exercise with the Pakistani anti-submarine patrol aircraft.

Participating troops from the Chinese PLA Navy include six vessels, such as the guided-missile destroyer Zibo, guided-missile frigates Jingzhou and Linyi, and the comprehensive supply ship Qiandaohu. Additionally, two shipborne helicopters and dozens of Marines are part of the Chinese contingent. On the Pakistani side, nine vessels, including the PNS Shahjahan and Saif, three shipborne helicopters, four fighter jets, one fixed-wing anti-submarine patrol aircraft, and dozens of Marines are involved in the exercise.

After the opening ceremony, discussions were held on various topics, including future anti-submarine development, anti-surface ship technology, and counter-terrorism operations. Marines from both sides conducted drills and exchanges on cabin infiltration, hostage rescue, and close-quarter battle (CQB). This marks the third time that the Chinese and Pakistani navies have conducted the Sea Guardians series of exercises, aiming to enhance maritime security cooperation and elevate the real-combat training level of both militaries.

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