Ukraine to Get its First Black Hawk Helicopter Via Crowdfunding

Czech volunteer group will launch fundraising campaign on November 17
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  • 11:45 AM, November 16, 2023
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Ukraine to Get its First Black Hawk Helicopter Via Crowdfunding
UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter

Ukraine will get its first Western helicopter, a UH-60 Black Hawk to perform tactical transport duties.

The Czech volunteer group, known as 'Darek pro Putina' (A Gift for Putin), is gearing up to launch a fundraising campaign on November 17 with the goal of acquiring the Black Hawk helicopter.

This initiative aims to garner contributions from the public. Past fund-raising activities enabled the procurement of 15 Viktor anti-aircraft systems, made possible by the CZK 90 million raised by the volunteers. The Viktor systems, produced by the Czech company Excalibur Army, are effectively safeguarding both strategic and civilian targets in Ukraine against kamikaze drone attacks.

'Darek pro Putina' extends its efforts beyond anti-aircraft systems, having secured funds for a tank and an RM-70 rocket launcher, accumulating a total of $2.3 million for these acquisitions. It is noteworthy that the funds collected typically remain within the Czech Republic, channeling support to local defense companies actively engaged in the production of weapons for Ukraine.

The officers of the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine have adopted the Black Hawk, considered superior in capabilities when compared to Soviet analogs such as the Mi-8 and Mi-24.

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