MKU Limited Unveils Kavro Doma 360 Helmet at Milipol Paris

Kavro Doma 360 is a first-of-its-kind rifle-rated ballistic helmet
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  • 05:12 AM, November 25, 2023
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MKU Limited Unveils Kavro Doma 360 Helmet at Milipol Paris
Kavro Doma 360 Helmet @MKU Ltd

MKU Limited from India introduced the Kavro Doma 360, the world's inaugural rifle-rated ballistic helmet, at Milipol Paris recently.

This headgear offers protection against AK-47 MSC, M80 NATO BALL, and M193 rifle bullets. In a demonstration, the helmet withstood 5 rounds fired at distinct head zones (front, back, left, right, crown) without the necessity of supplementary armor.

The boltless shell of the helmet offers a 40% increase in protection against AK-47 assault rifles when compared to standard helmets. An achievement worth noting is the global maintenance of a Back Face Signature/Trauma of less than 20 mm against AK-47 bullets for the first time, mitigating the risk of injuries resulting from trauma.

MKU Limited Unveils Kavro Doma 360 Helmet at Milipol Paris

The helmet is further equipped with an Advanced Harness System featuring Dynamic Impact Technology, providing protection against both straight and rotational/angular impacts to reduce the likelihood of concussions or brain injuries. The adjustable harness ensures stability and a secure fit for the wearer.

With a starting weight of 1.45 kgs for HCH Small, the Kavro Doma 360 is designed for maximum compatibility with the MACS (Maximum Compatibility with Advanced Combat Systems). This integration extends to various advanced head-mounted devices and combat equipment, including night vision devices, communication tools, masks, mandibles, torches, and other head-mounted gears.

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