Israeli MoD Orders Thousands of Grenade Launchers from Reshef Technologies

Israel distributes American M4-compatible assault rifles, body armor, and helmets to Gaza border settlements.
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  • 11:01 AM, November 28, 2023
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Israeli MoD Orders Thousands of Grenade Launchers from Reshef Technologies
Mk 19 automatic grenade launcher. For representation only.

The Director of Procurement at the Israel Ministry of Defense has issued a new purchase order to "Reshef Technology" in Sderot for the production of tens of thousands of grenade launchers, amounting to approximately NIS 140 million ($37.7 million).

This follows a previous order placed a year ago for howitzers to enhance capabilities within the IDF Artillery Corps.

Reshef Technology, known for its development of electronic beacons for terrestrial and marine IMM systems, employs around 80 workers, most residing in Sderot. Despite wartime evacuations, the factory resumed operations to meet the IDF's operational needs.

Under the directive of Major General (res.) Eyal Zamir, the Ministry of Defense prioritizes 'blue and white' procurement to ensure independence in critical production areas and inject substantial budgets to bolster the economy.

The Ministry has made purchases exceeding NIS 13 billion ($3.5 billion) from Israeli suppliers as of October 7.

In a parallel initiative, the Ministry of Defense has initiated the distribution of assault rifles, compatible with the American M4, along with body armor and helmets to citizens in settlements near the Gaza border. Hundreds of these weapons have already been distributed in regions such as Ashkelon Coast, Negev Fields, Shaar Hanegev, Eshkol, Sderot, and Ramat Negev. The second wave, comprising hundreds more weapons, is set to commence in the coming days.

Plans are also underway to equip standby classes with additional personal protective gear, including ceramic vests and helmets, to be procured and delivered soon.

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