IDF Deploys New Weapons for the First Time in Gaza

The all-new Israeli weapons include shoulder-fired missiles, targeting systems, night vision device, and Nagev 7 machine gun
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  • 05:32 AM, December 4, 2023
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IDF Deploys New Weapons for the First Time in Gaza
Israeli forces used 'Holit' and 'Yited' shoulder-fired missiles for the first time during the conflict @IDF

In the midst of the recent conflict in the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) strategically introduced a range of new and advanced military weaponry and equipment, aiming to enhance operational capabilities and ensure the efficiency and security of ground forces in densely populated areas.

'Holit' and 'Yited' Shoulder-fired Missiles

The 'Holit' and 'Yited' shoulder-fired missiles, surpass the size and destructive capacity (>40%) of their predecessors, the 'Lao' and 'Matador.’ This is their first operational use, as confirmed by the IDF. With longer firing ranges, these missiles are designed for urban and dense environments, enabling the destruction of buildings, vehicles, and terrorist hideouts.

Differing from the previously utilized 'Lao' and 'Matador,' the 'Holit' and 'Yidd' employed by the IDF feature a multi-stage activation mechanism, enhancing safety and offering economic advantages by allowing adjustments even after the activation process has commenced.

'Ido' Night Vision Device

The ‘Ido’ night vision device provides a three-dimensional image for patrols and battalions navigating the Gaza Strip in low-light conditions. The modular 'Ido' can be effectively mounted on a fighter's helmet, aiding vision in both eyes and proving useful in closed and completely dark spaces.

The modular 'Ido' night vision device can be mounted on the front of a fighter's helmet, providing vision for both eyes or one.

IDF Deploys New Weapons for the First Time in Gaza
'Steel Sting' Laser-guided Precision Rocket @IDF

'Dagger' Targeting System

The 'Dagger,' a third-generation targeting system, is wielded by infantry divisions' designated fighters. It goes beyond traditional sights by tracking moving targets, including UAVs, drones, or running terrorists. The targeting system identifies and locks onto targets lacking a reference point, such as those in motion in the sky, and autonomously computes ballistic deviations. Consequently, it accurately estimates the direction of flight and speed. The system calculates ballistic deviations, increasing precision by 350% compared to previous technologies.

'Arrow 3' Interceptor

The 'Arrow 3' interceptor, part of the 'Arrow' weapon system, intercepted a ballistic missile from Yemen outside the Earth's atmosphere. The missile was neutralized by the 'Protective Sword' unit of the air defense system, marking a departure from conventional interceptions by engaging the threat in outer space.

IDF Deploys New Weapons for the First Time in Gaza
Negev 7 light machine gun

'76' Cannon on 'Saar 6' Ships

The '76' cannon on the 'Saar 6' ships saw operational use during the conflict, conducting attacks from the new vessels. These ships, equipped with advanced combat systems, contribute to the expanding operational and offensive capabilities of the Navy and IDF.

'Steel Sting' Laser-guided Precision Rocket

Additionally, the Magellan unit employed the laser-guided precision rocket, 'Steel Sting,' targeting a Hamas launch site. With a diameter of 120 mm and guided by laser and GPS, it offers accurate and immediate responses to threats.

Negev 7

The Negev 7, a powerful weapon firing 7.62 mm projectiles, made its combat debut in the Gaza Strip. Its ammunition can penetrate thick walls, rendering enemy shelters ineffective in a built-up and complex environment, the IDF said.

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