Lithuania Launches Fundraiser to Equip Ukrainian Soldiers with Sights, Electronic Warfare Equipment

The two countries recently agreed to collaborate on the joint production of drones
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  • 12:34 PM, January 29, 2024
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Lithuania Launches Fundraiser to Equip Ukrainian Soldiers with Sights, Electronic Warfare Equipment
Lithuania-produced kit for Ukrainian armed forces @Blue/Yellow

A new initiative dubbed RADAROM! has been launched in Lithuania to raise funds for essential sights and electronic warfare (EW) equipment, bolstering the capabilities of Ukrainian soldiers currently engaged in the conflict with Russia.

The fundraising campaign, initiated on January 24, is set to run until February 24 and has already garnered significant support.

Organized by the volunteer group Blue/Yellow in collaboration with public broadcaster LRT, Laisvės TV, Stiprūs kartu, and journalist Rita Miliūtė, the RADAROM! fundraiser aims to provide Ukrainian soldiers with equipment crucial for their safety and effectiveness on the battlefield.

The individual kits for Ukrainian soldiers will include a night vision monocular, a laser sight, and personal counter-drone equipment – all made in Lithuania.

Each comprehensive kit, valued at €7,500, is designed to enhance the soldiers' situational awareness and overall effectiveness in challenging combat environments. The current funds raised, as of Sunday, January 28, stand at an impressive €1,082,100, enough to procure 144 kits.

Last year, a similar campaign with the same name raised a remarkable €14 million, earmarked for the purchase of tactical radars. The success of these fundraising efforts highlights the unwavering support from the Lithuanian community for Ukraine and its soldiers.

This comes days after Ukraine and Lithuania agreed to collaborate on the joint production of drones, with Lithuania offering technological support and assistance in scaling up production. The foreign ministers of both countries discussed this key initiative, expressing a clear understanding of the project's details. Lithuania is prepared to quickly produce drone components for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and is willing to support businesses in various industries involved in the collaboration. Additionally, Lithuania had earlier offered to "partially" transfer drone production to its territory.

It was also disclosed in January that Ukroboronprom, the Ukrainian state-owned defense industry enterprise, has entered into collaboration with four Lithuanian defense companies. NT Service, Brolis Semiconductors, RSI Europe, and DMEXS are now working together to enhance the development of defense equipment, spanning optical sights, thermal imagers, remote detonation systems, electronic warfare systems, and communication devices.

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