Saab-Damen Partnership to Pitch C-71 Submarines to Canada

Saab-Damen have proposed the C-71 submarine to the Netherlands and now will go after the Canadian diesel-electric submarine replacement program
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  • 04:57 PM, March 7, 2024
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Saab-Damen Partnership to Pitch C-71 Submarines to Canada
Saab C-71 submarine @Saab

Saab and Damen which are building the Expeditionary C-71 submarines for the Netherlands Navy, will be offering the vessel for the Canadian Navy’s diesel-electric submarines replacement program.

CEO of Damen Shipyards Arnout Damen and CEO of Saab Micael Johansson made the decision this week to export together the submarine, which has been developed for the Royal Netherlands Navy to replace the current Walrus class.

Saab and Damen have been working together since 2015 to build, modernise, and maintain the new expeditionary submarine for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

The two companies have now also agreed to offer their advanced Expeditionary submarines to Canada. A country in the initial phase of a similar process to replace their diesel-electric submarines.

Saab submitted in July 2023 its proposal for the replacement of Netherland’s current submarines. The proposal comprises four advanced Expeditionary submarines based on the C71 family and includes a cooperation with Dutch shipbuilder Damen Shipyards Group.

The expeditionary submarine is based on the successful A26 submarines. It incorporates the latest capabilities and technologies, while the modular design allows room for customisability as well as new technologies as they develop, ensuring relevance for decades to come.

 For this new expeditionary design, Saab is working closely with Damen Shipyards and a range of Dutch suppliers and is supported by the United Kingdom.

Four countries currently operate submarines and submarine technology designed by Saab: Sweden, Australia, Japan, and Singapore.

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