Polish Military Faces 200 Cyberattacks in Past Week, Strengthening Cyber Defense

Poland aims to enhance network security, monitor threats, train personnel, and invest in cyber defense.
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  • 01:33 PM, April 16, 2024
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Polish Military Faces 200 Cyberattacks in Past Week, Strengthening Cyber Defense
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The Polish Ministry of Defense has announced that it is implementing measures to bolster its defenses against cyberattacks following a surge of 200 incidents within the past week.

"In the last week, there have been approximately 200 attacks on military networks of various types. (...) The Polish state faces constant cyber threats, which is why it has been essential to develop these capabilities. Presently, several thousand soldiers in Poland are dedicated to ensuring the safety of Polish military networks," Deputy Minister Cezary Tomczyk said during the INSECON International Cybersecurity Congress.

The INSECON 2024 International Cybersecurity Congress commenced in Poznań on April 15, bringing together cybersecurity experts from the Polish Army and other state entities responsible for security, particularly in cyberspace.

The Congress aims to raise awareness about current and future cyber threats and to showcase tools and best practices for effective security and response at national, regional, and international levels. The event is organized by the Ministry of National Defense and Grupa MTP.

"The INSECO Congress serves as a platform to demonstrate integration in cybersecurity, encompassing both civilian and military spheres. I believe the collaboration between the military and other institutions sets a commendable example and will continue to do so. (...) We have successfully convened entities under the Ministry of National Defense, as well as other state agencies, operators of critical services, local governments, military and civilian analytical centers, and representatives from the private sector. Our aim is to strengthen Poland's international standing, promote the armed forces positively, showcase Polish defense sector entities in domestic and foreign markets, and enhance military cybersecurity capabilities," remarked the Secretary of State at the Ministry of National Defense.

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