Ukroboronprom, NATO Country to Manufacture 120mm Mortars

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  • 05:38 AM, February 10, 2023
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Ukroboronprom, NATO Country to Manufacture 120mm Mortars
120mm mine

Ukroboronprom has partnered with an unnamed NATO country to manufacture 120mm mortars for supply to the Ukrainian Army.

On February 9, Ukraine’s defense ministry inked the contract, the first joint production deal with a NATO member.

120-mm mines are manufactured using modern technologies. Production facilities are scattered, in particular, part of them is located in one of the European countries.

This munition can hit enemy infantry in a radius of 25 m to 60 m, and fragments can fly up to 250 m. In addition, the 120-mm mine is capable of destroying engineering structures and lightly armored vehicles.

The 120-mm mortar can hit targets at a distance of more than 7 km, and with modern ammunition - at a distance of more than 8 km.

The 120-mm mortar is one of the most common types of artillery weapons in Ukraine and is actively used in hostilities against the Russians. 

Earlier, Ukroboronprom began mass production of 82-mm mortar rounds abroad.

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