Islamic Nations’ Diplomatic Offensive Against Israel’s Gaza War to Begin With China

A ministerial committee from select Arab and Islamic countries will visit several countries to highlight Israel's human rights violations
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  • 02:49 PM, November 19, 2023
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Islamic Nations’ Diplomatic Offensive Against Israel’s Gaza War to Begin With China

China will be the first destination of the Islamic Ministerial Committee’s mission to exert international pressure to bring an end to the conflict in Gaza, Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal Bin Farhan announced Saturday.

Addressing reporters in Bahrain during the Manama Dialogue 2023 on June 18, Prince Faisal revealed that ministers designated by Arab and Islamic leaders, following the recent summit in Riyadh a week ago, will embark on their journey to Beijing on Monday.

After China, the committee will visit several capitals (unspecified) to emphasize the urgency of a ceasefire and facilitating the entry of relief and humanitarian aid into Gaza, Saudi Gazzette reported.

“We must strive to swiftly resolve this crisis and put an end to the war being waged against Gaza,” stated Prince Faisal.

The extraordinary joint Arab-Islamic Summit had issued a resolution tasking the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Qatar, Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria, and Palestine to initiate immediate international action on behalf of all member states of the OIC and the Arab League.

The goal is to formulate an international initiative to halt the war in Gaza and push for a genuine and serious political process.

Additionally, he called on the international community to condemn the blatant violations of international humanitarian law committed by Israeli forces against the people in Gaza.

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