Russia Unveils New Wheeled Artillery - "Phlox" - Incorporating Cannon, Howitzer, and Mortar

Rostec says Phlox's western analogue is the French-made 'Caesar'
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  • 05:27 AM, February 17, 2024
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Russia Unveils New Wheeled Artillery -
Self-propelled gun 'Phlox' @Rostec

The Rostec State Corporation has introduced a fresh line of wheeled self-propelled artillery guns for the Russian army, with the latest addition being the 2S40 Phlox. Departing from the conventional tracked standard, wheeled artillery aims to improve strategic and tactical mobility on public roads, purportedly capitalizing on the growing global road network.

The wheeled self-propelled guns, including the "Borse," "Phlox," and "Malva," assert advantages over their tracked counterparts, such as increased mobility, independence, and cost-effectiveness. These vehicles allegedly maneuver swiftly across various terrains without additional towing equipment, set up in combat positions, and offer cover for personnel and ammunition with their armored structure.

Named after the Greek word for "flame," the Phlox is equipped with a 120 mm rifled gun allegedly capable of firing up to ten shells per minute. Its claimed unique feature lies in its ability to fire both mortar mines and rifled shells, presenting itself as a versatile universal weapon. The system supposedly enables simultaneous firing from different vertical positions, aiming to showcase an impressive display of firepower.

Russia Unveils New Wheeled Artillery -

Despite claims of uniqueness by developers, the Phlox faces comparisons with the French analogue, "Caesar." The Russian wheeled self-propelled gun prioritizes rapid deployment, asserting a standard transition time of 40 seconds into a combat position, with experienced crews purportedly capable of achieving even faster times. The Phlox's integration with modern reconnaissance systems, including drone utilization, allegedly enhances its effectiveness in coordination with a command post and other self-propelled guns.

The combat crew, consisting of four members, purportedly benefits from an armored cabin for protection on the road, with an added element of secrecy to guard against personal weapon attacks. The Phlox has undergone testing, and Rostec has reportedly delivered the first batch to the troops. The corporation plans further development and improvement based on combat use feedback, positioning the wheeled self-propelled artillery as a noteworthy addition to the Russian military arsenal.

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