Indonesian Army Receives Turkish-Made Harimau Medium Tanks

Jakarta ordered 18 tanks worth $135M in 2019
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  • 10:00 AM, March 6, 2024
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Indonesian Army Receives Turkish-Made Harimau Medium Tanks
Indonesian military's Harimau medium tanks @PT Pindad

Indonesia has taken delivery of 10 Harimau medium tanks, a collaborative project between PT Pindad and Turkish FNSS.

The Harimau Medium Tank, initiated in 2012 as part of the National Defense Industry Revitalization program, weighs 30 tons. In 2019, Indonesia signed a $135 million contract with PT Pindad for the production of 18 Harimau tanks.

The tanks were symbolically handed over by the Indonesian Minister of Defense, Prabowo Subianto to the armed forces on February 28.

Indonesian Army Receives Turkish-Made Harimau Medium Tanks
Harimau medium tank @PT Pindad

Developed with a rear engine configuration similar to Leopard 2 or M1A2 but lighter, the Harimau Medium Tank features a 105mm caliber turret main gun and various advanced technologies. Equipped with a C3150 two-man turret, the tank is designed for tactical and strategic mobility, boasting STANAG 4569 level 5 ballistic protection, a laser warning system, and resistance to mine explosions up to 10 kg under the chain.

The Harimau, also known as "Tiger" (Kaplan in Turkish), has a total weight of around 32 tons and a top speed of 78 km/h, powered by a 711 horsepower Caterpillar C13 diesel engine.

The tanks are armed with a 105mm Cockerill gun and a 7.62mm machine gun, offering capabilities suitable for diverse terrains.

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