Textron Systems, Kodiak Robotics Collaborate on Autonomous Military Ground Vehicle

Textron Systems and Kodiak team up for driverless military vehicle by 2024.
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  • 07:07 AM, May 21, 2024
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Textron Systems, Kodiak Robotics Collaborate on Autonomous Military Ground Vehicle
Kodiak’s first autonomous military prototype vehicle for U.S. DoD – Ford F-150 fitted with Kodiak Driver system

Textron Systems Corporation, a subsidiary of Textron Inc., and Kodiak Robotics, Inc., have announced a collaboration to develop an autonomous military ground vehicle tailored for driverless operations.

The collaboration involves integrating Kodiak's autonomous system, the Kodiak Driver, into a prototype of an uncrewed military vehicle by Textron Systems. This marks Kodiak's first integration of its technology into a vehicle devoid of space for a human driver.

Kodiak, a company specializing in dual-use autonomous driving technology, brings its expertise to the table for this endeavor. The integration of Kodiak Driver's technology into the vehicle underscores its readiness for driverless operations and adaptability to various vehicle types, whether on- or off-road. The system under development will utilize the core technology from Kodiak's autonomous long-haul trucks, validated across nearly 3 million miles of real-world operations. Additionally, the vehicle will incorporate Kodiak DefensePods, adapted versions of Kodiak's modular, swappable SensorPods, tailored for military purposes, enhancing operational efficiency.

The collaboration aims to integrate Kodiak's technology into the Textron Systems uncrewed military vehicle and demonstrate driverless operations later in 2024. Subsequently, both companies plan to explore future opportunities with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and allied militaries to expedite automation in military ground vehicles.

This collaboration builds upon Kodiak's efforts to diversify the applications of the Kodiak Driver for military vehicles. Previously, in December 2023, Kodiak unveiled its first autonomous test vehicle tailored for the DoD, a Ford F-150 equipped with Kodiak's autonomous technology.

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