Turkey's Roketsan Converts Artillery Rocket into Signals Jamming, Imaging Device

TR-122 Parachute Rocket separates payload mid-flight, gently descends with parachute for jamming or image collection.
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  • 09:29 AM, June 8, 2024
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Turkey's Roketsan Converts Artillery Rocket into Signals Jamming, Imaging Device
Roketsan's TR-122 Parachute Rocket @SavunmaSanayiST

Roketsan has announced the development of the TR-122 Parachute Rocket, an iteration of the TR-122 rocket capable of performing specialized tasks with integrated signal jamming or image collecting payloads.

The TR-122 Parachute Rocket will now be capable of executing special missions within a 36-kilometer radius. When launched, the rocket's front section, which carries the payload, separates from the engine section upon reaching a designated altitude near the target. The payload then descends gently using a parachute, ensuring stable and precise deployment, SavunmaSanayiST reports.

In its jammer configuration, the TR-122 Parachute Rocket disrupts electronic equipment on the target, including jamming GPS signals, for a set period. This capability is critical for neutralizing enemy communications and navigation systems. Alternatively, the image collector version is equipped with cameras to capture high-resolution photos and videos, transmitting real-time intelligence back to the launch point. This dual functionality provides the Turkish Armed Forces with immediate electronic warfare and reconnaissance capabilities.

Weighing 70 kilograms, the TR-122 Parachute Rocket is compatible with existing multi-barreled rocket launcher systems (MLRS), maintaining logistical and operational continuity. This compatibility ensures that the Turkish Armed Forces can integrate the new rockets without requiring significant changes to their current equipment.

The introduction of the TR-122 Parachute Rocket also presents a strategic advantage over traditional aerial platforms. While fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft are vulnerable to air defense systems, the parachute-deployed TR-122 is expected to evade many of these defenses, thanks to its descent method and smaller radar signature.

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