Thai-Israeli Dual Citizens Recruited by Israeli Army Reserve

November 9, 2023 @ 06:09 AM

Thai-Israeli individuals with dual citizenship are confirmed to be actively engaged in the Israeli army reserve.This was

As Gaza Bombings Continue, U.S. Approves Sales of Deadly Spice Bombs to...

November 7, 2023 @ 11:10 AM

The United States government has approved a $320 million sale of precision-guided munition equipment to Israel, specifically designed to convert unguided bombs into more accurate, GPS-guided munitions. This was first reported by

In 24 Hours, Israel Struck 450 Hamas Targets in Gaza; Ground Troops

November 6, 2023 @ 01:41 PM

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) disclosed significant developments in their 24-hour operation against Hamas in Gaza, including precision airstrikes on over 450 Hamas-related targets, such as terrorists, military compounds, observation posts, and anti-tank missile launch posts. IDF ground troops secured control of a Hamas military compound in Gaza

First Ever Shooting Down of a Cruise Missile By F-35

November 3, 2023 @ 06:19 AM

In a historic milestone, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) announced on November 2 that an F-35I Adir fighter jet successfully intercepted a cruise missile, marking the first known use of the American-made stealth fighter for this purpose. The interception took place as part of a broader effort to defend Israeli airspace...

Israeli Airstrike Targets Hamas Commander, Causes Devastation in Jabalya Refugee Camp

November 1, 2023 @ 04:53 AM

An Israeli airstrike in the densely populated Jabalya refugee camp in northern Gaza has led to catastrophic damage and a significant loss of life. The airstrike, which targeted a senior Hamas commander, Ibrahim Biari, has been condemned by several nations including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Jordan and Egypt, as well as international...

Israel Deploys Arrow Missile Defense System for the First Time in Ongoing...

October 31, 2023 @ 02:50 PM

The Israeli Defense Forces have employed the Arrow missile defense system for the first time to strike Hamas targets since the commencement of hostilities. The announcement was made via the

Israel, Not Ukraine is Top Priority for U.S.: Senators to Zelensky

October 31, 2023 @ 06:56 AM

The United States acknowledged the challenging situation regarding artillery shells in Ukraine, but they also emphasized Israel's need for ammunition during a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Monday. A group of U

U.S. Forces Come under Attack in Red Sea, Syria and Iraq

October 20, 2023 @ 06:36 AM

The Pentagon Press Secretary, Air Force Brig. Gen

Gaza Hospital Explosion Brings Focus on Joint Direct Attack Munition

October 19, 2023 @ 11:21 AM

Israels alleged use of a bomb equipped with a Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) kit to hit the 140-year-old Al-Ahli hospital in Gaza killing 500 people has raised curiosity on what a JDAM really is. Israel has denied it bombed the hospital claiming that the extensive damage was caused by a misfired Hamas rocket

Iran Calls for Documenting Gaza War Crimes, Punishing Israeli Officials

October 19, 2023 @ 10:55 AM

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian has proposed the establishment of a team of Muslim jurists to support Palestine and document what he referred to as "atrocities" committed by the Zionist regime in Gaza. Amirabdollahiah has called for international attention to the situation in Gaza during a meeting with Hissein Brahim Taha, the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), held in Jeddah on Wednesday

U.S. Continues Munitions Delivery to Israel as Thousands Die in Gaza Bombings...

October 18, 2023 @ 07:08 AM

Armaments and military supplies are still being sent to Israel as it grapples with Hamas offensives, all while Gaza witnesses a mounting death toll. The U