Turkish firm Develops AESA Radar to Detect Micro UAVs, Small Kamikaze Drones

  • Defensemirror.com Bureau
  • 08:30 AM, July 24, 2023
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Turkish firm Develops AESA Radar to Detect Micro UAVs, Small Kamikaze Drones
Retinar AESA radar @Meteksan

Turkey’s Meteksan Defense will reveal its new Retinar AESA radar designed to detect aerial threats such as kamikaze drones at the upcoming IDEF-2023 exhibition in Istanbul (July 25-28).

According to Meteksan, Retinar AESA has following features:

  • New generation active electronic scanning and MIMO structure,
  • 90 x 90 degree coverage with a single radar panel,
  • Hemispherical (90 x 360 degrees) coverage with the use of quad radar panels,
  • Ability to detect air and ground targets simultaneously at long ranges with an expanded target set,
  • Increased tracking performance with high update frequency,
  • High-performance target classification with low speed sensitivity,
  • 3D (3 dimensional) high resolution radar imaging capability and
  • Protection from weather conditions due to operating frequency

Retinar AESA will be able to detect and track not only mini/micro UAVs (drones) but also Kamikaze UAVs and Tactical UAVs.

This radar system can be used not only for stationary protection of critical facilities and borders, but also on moving vehicles with vehicle integration. With its ability to operate on the move, Retinar AESA will be a force multiplier for our security units as a critical system in convoy / VIP protection missions

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