Turkey's Aselsan Unveils Electronic Warfare Pod for UAVs at IDEF 2023

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  • 10:59 AM, July 28, 2023
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Turkey's Aselsan Unveils Electronic Warfare Pod for UAVs at IDEF 2023
UAV EH POD @SavunmaSanayiST

Turkish firm Aselsan unveiled an Electronic Warfare (EW) pod for drones at the ongoing IDEF exhibition in Istanbul (July 25-28).

The UAV EH POD was seen integrated on the Akinci drone. It is an upgraded version of the MINI EH POD. The system, which can detect, diagnose and record radar broadcasts, has multi-target jamming capability. The pod system, which can attack targets in wide frequency ranges, offers 360-degree protection capability to UAV systems. UAV EH POD, which can produce quite high output power according to the platform it is used on and its dimensions, also provides ease of integration to different platforms with its compact structure, SavunmaSanayiST.com reported.

The DRFM (Digital Radio Frequency Memory) capability, which is one of the outstanding capabilities of the UAV EH POD, offers the system much more effective mixing capability compared to the MINI EH POD. The system, which is in the prototype development stage, is planned to be used on Akinci drone in the first place.

The UAV EH POD, which weighs around 40kg, will be integrated into different UAV systems. With the changes to be made on POD in the future, it is aimed to integrate the system into Bayraktar TB-2. UAV EH POD can render the radars of air defense systems largely useless. It stands out as a system that can also perform escort jamming to support nearby air platforms when necessary.

The MINI EH POD system developed by ASELSAN has started mass production. MINI EH POD is offered to various domestic and international customers by ASELSAN. The MINI EH POD system with a weight of 11kg can be used on Bayraktar TB-2 as a single or double.

Each MINI EH POD system offers 180 degrees of protection to the carrier platform. In the configuration, in which two pods are used, facing backwards and forwards, 360-degree protection capability can be provided to UAVs. It is stated that the MINI EH POD has been tested against various air defense systems and has proven its effectiveness. A Bayraktar TB-2 with an integrated MINI EH POD can approach air defense systems as close as it can leave ammunition,

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