Russia to Present its IL-76MD-90A Heavy Transport Aircraft at Saudi Defense Show

Rostec foresees strong demand for heavy military cargo planes with the continuous full bookings of aircraft like the A-400M and C-130.
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  • 06:13 AM, February 1, 2024
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Russia to Present its IL-76MD-90A Heavy Transport Aircraft at Saudi Defense Show
IL-76MD-90AE @Rosoboronexport

Shrugging off threats of sanctions against buyers of big-ticket military equipment, Russia's Rostec is set to showcase its IL-76MD-90A Heavy Transport Aircraft at the World Defense Show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia later this week.

Anticipating a robust market for heavy military cargo transporters, Rostec aims to capitalize on the sustained demand, as the order books for aircraft such as the A-400M and C-130 have been consistently full for years.

The recently "deeply modernized" IL-76MD-90A boasts a maximum take-off weight of 210 tons and a maximum payload capacity of 60 tons. In contrast, the Airbus A-400M's payload capacity is limited to 37 tons. The aircraft features a new engine, an improved wing, and a "glass cockpit." Notably, its flight range and carrying capacity have been enhanced, allowing it to transport up to 60 tons of cargo over a distance of up to 4,000km. Additionally, fuel consumption has been reduced by 12-15%.

The C-130J Super Hercules has a range of approximately 5,250km and Maximum Take-Off Weight of around 74.4 tons, the aircraft demonstrates its capability to handle substantial loads. Its payload capacity of about 19 tons enables the efficient transport of troops, vehicles, and cargo.

Among the 100 exhibits presented by Rostec at the World Defense Show, the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle from Kurganmashzavod will take center stage, showcasing dynamic protection, high mobility, and formidable firepower with its 100 mm gun capable of firing both conventional and guided missiles.

The T-90MS, an export variant of the renowned T-90M main battle tank, equipped with a potent 125 mm gun and enhanced dynamic protection, will also be on display.

The Kalashnikov Group's small arms, including the AK-12, AK-15, AK-19, AK-308, Kalashnikov PPK-20 submachine gun, and the Chukavina sniper rifle, will feature prominently in the exhibition.

In addition to these, the showcase will include counter-drone equipment, loitering ammunition, a small-sized jet flamethrower (MRO-A "Borodach"), and special-purpose aerial bombs like the P-50T and M-6 (M6T).

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