Iranian Hypersonic Missiles Hit All Intended Targets in Israel: Report

Israel said most Iranian drones and missiles were destroyed.
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  • 09:19 AM, April 15, 2024
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Iranian Hypersonic Missiles Hit All Intended Targets in Israel: Report
Iran's Fattah hypersonic missile @via Iranian media

Iran's state-controlled media has reported that all hypersonic missiles launched by Tehran struck their intended targets in Israel.

According to Press TV, Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) deployed a series of hypersonic missiles and drones in retaliatory strikes late Saturday night on Israeli military bases across occupied territories. This marks the first operational use of such advanced weaponry by Iran.

Sources indicated that the Israeli air defense systems, including the Iron Dome, were unable to intercept any of the hypersonic missiles, which are known for their high speed and maneuverability, making them difficult to track and counter.

Major General Mohammad Baqeri, chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, confirmed that Iran's targets included a major intelligence base in the occupied lands and Israel's Nevatim Airbase, from where an F-35 jet allegedly launched an attack on Iran's diplomatic premises in Damascus.

Meanwhile, Israel claimed to have intercepted a significant portion of the 300+ missiles and drones launched by Iran, contradicting Iran's reports of successful strikes.

The IRGC's operation was launched in response to an earlier missile attack by Israel on Iran's diplomatic premises in Damascus in April.

Iran is among the select few nations capable of producing hypersonic missiles, including the Fattah-1 and a newer unnamed missile known colloquially as the Fattah II. The Fattah II is reputed to be able to reach targets in Israel within a mere 400 seconds, with speeds up to 15 times the speed of sound and a range of approximately 1,118 miles (1,800 kilometers), as per reports.

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